Puka Lava stone belongs to one classify of basalt which is formed by when ejected magma condensate, digenetic and compaction.
Black lava stone is very precious through the eruption of a porous shaped stone formation. After decreased rapidly by gas residue, solid magma and temperature pressure, caused chemical and physical changes. so the magma becomes natural puka lava stone which contains amounts of silicon, Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Magnesium and other 26 kinds of minerals as well copper, Zinc, Chromium and Nickel, Manganese, etc. 
Puka lava black lava stone can be divided into three styles large porous, medium porous and small porous. while the most beautiful one is medium porous which holes uniform spread. But for large porous tile is made of various big, medium. small holes, and we called it black lava stone. And for small porous tile is made of tiny holes, then we called it basalt.
Black puka Lava stone is a ideal and Eco-friendly decorative building material from its special characters.
1) High strength. Its hardness is very high compare to other natural stone and natural porous makes it easy to decorative. 
2) Heat insulation and sound absorption. It can be match with different materials. Its various porous can keep warm and absorb sound. 
3) Non-pollution and sunscreen . Natural stone color without any man-made dyed, and it mixed with organic material, it will be a special structure to prevent degradation by UV rays. 
4) Good stain resistance and anti-corrosion. It can prevent atmospheric dust and other suspended materials which is easy to stain the wall cladding and then lost original wall decorative effect. It makes wall cladding easy to clean. 
5) Good Anti-mildew. It can inhibit the growth of mold and algae growth in wet conditions and not easy to mildewed.